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Please contact 02 244 5336 if you require a doctors appointment or email us on for further information. We will provide you with details for the GP’s private practice outside of NATO

We have a General Medical Doctor practicing every day within our centre for your emergency medical needs.  

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Dr. Samia Zeghlache 

Not Conventioned 

Dr. Zeghlache also carries out medical pedicures and nutrition consultations. In case of emergency (no gynaecologist available), she can also treat general gynaecological conditions. Dr Zeghlache speaks French and English

Dr. Aikaterini Klontzaki 


Dr. Aikaterini Klontzaki gives consultations in French or English. Specialist in general medicine and dermatology, she welcomes you in her practice Expat medical center Brussels. The doctor has a two-year training in dermatology. You can also consult her for a general consultation, to get a medical certificate or a sport certificate, about your allergies, about contraception and STDs, or vaccination.

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Dr. Anne-Laure Cadieu 

Not conventioned 

Trained as a general practitioner with a functional Dr. Anne-Laure Cadieu-Faure, medical doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux II.
Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Dijon, "alimentation santé micronutrition" and member of SIIN (Scientific Institute for an Intelligent Nutrition) since 2017.
Training in genomics/nutrigenomics delivered by Dr Mouton.
Training with "American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine": certification in precision and anti-aging medicine.
Ongoing training in micro-immunotherapy with IFMI.

After having experienced several hospital services and different types of care (oncology, addiction, functional rehabilitation, geriatrics, overweight/obesity, endocrine diseases in pediatrics...), it became obvious that being a doctor went beyond traditional care.

Before treating, one must take care of oneself. Functional medicine therefore comes upstream of the disease or stabilizes the effects of the chronic disease in secondary prevention. And if each patient was unique; his history, his psychology, his terrain, his innate and acquired immunity, epigenetics (our environment has an influence on our genome through so-called epigenetic modifications)...
At a time when medicine is becoming standardized but each patient remains unique, let's personalize our treatment to ensure that the patient receives care that is as close as possible to his or her needs. This means providing preventive, predictive, personalized and participative medicine.

** In case of no-show, a compensation fee may be required **

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