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We are specialised in eye care and we focus on analysing your vision.

We deliver solutions for perfect vision. We want to make sure you have perfect vision in the office, at work, in your car, during sport or leisure, on holidays in the sun, while performing small jobs at home, during reading, while using your different digital tools, even in dark or misty circumstances. Today humanity has an ‘on the move and digital’ lifestyle, your vision needs to be able to cope with that. 

The eye is a complex and an important sensory organ. Colours, contrasts, 2D and 3D perception, changing light conditions, different distances: the human eye is capable of absorbing and instantly processing more than ten million pieces of information per second. Every eye is as unique as a fingerprint and visual needs and habits vary greatly from one person to the other.

We use  the ZEISS Vision Analysis, a highly  innovative and new procedure. This unique, multi-level process enables us to precisely identify your visual needs. During the initial consultation at Expat Medical Center we explain every step of the ZEISS Vision Analysis and we perform vision acuity tests. We correct visual deficiencies by optical means.

We measure :

  • Myopa, near-sightedness

  • Hyperopia, far-sightedness

  • Presbyopia, insufficiency of accommodation associated with aging of eye, causing inability to focus on near objects

  • Astigmatism, blurred vision

  • Binocular eye muscle cooperation

  • Phoria

  • Eye pressure

  • Night Vision and high order aberrations

  • Facial avatar

Kris and Ramses consult at EMC in English, French and Dutch.  Together with their team they operate  the ZEISS VISION CENTER,  a private practice in Asse, close by the Brussels R0.  

Kris Vander Elst.jpg

Kris Vander Elst

Appointments are strictly available for patients with NATO badge.

Ramses Vander Elst.jpg

Ramses Vander Elst

Appointments are strictly available for patients with NATO badge.

** In case of no-show, a compensation fee may be required **

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