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David Bacquart

Not Conventioned 

David Bacquart proposes you a modern and global version of Podology. Podotherapist, Neuro Sensory Posturologist, Teacher researcher, my goal is to help you refocus.

The body is a formidable machine capable of adapting to many situations but a grain of sand can disrupt everything.

Podiatry-posturology is an important discipline. Its goal is to study the regulation of the standing position and its disturbances. It is part of a multidisciplinary group involving many actors of the medical and paramedical sectors. This multidisciplinarity is linked to the fact that our Postural Standing System (PSS) allows us to situate ourselves in our gravitational environment. It must integrate information from the three exocapteurs: the eye, the vestibule and the foot, as well as from general proprioception and visceroception.

The podiatrist-posturologist performs a complete clinical examination including different tests of concordance between the main inputs of the postural system of plumb. Examples: test on force platform with eyes open, eyes closed, teeth clenched or with occlusal interference, feet on foam or hard ground, stabilometry... But also a complete morphological examination (with laser), as well as a complete static and dynamic assessment.

I offer you different types of insoles depending on the results of your clinic. Postural inserts allowing a postural reprogramming thanks to stimulations with micro-reliefs (neuro-sensorial inserts) from 1 to 3 mm thick. Flexible insoles, relief insoles, insoles for diabetics, semi-rigid insoles. Finally, sports insoles with different technical materials capable of absorbing shocks and restoring energy. The objective of these insoles is to neutralize the plantar parasitic information (nociceptive zones) and to give back its role of mobile adapter to your foot. These insoles are made with the imprint of your foot to improve comfort.

Pathologies frequently treated :
Rachialgia, lumbago, cervicalgia, vertigo, sciatica, cruralgia, herniated disc, inequality of length of the lower limbs, gonalgia, femoral-patellar syndrome, nocturnal bruxism, tendinopathy, (Achilles... ) enthesopathy, heel spur, Morton's neuroma syndrome, bursitis, metatarsalgia, hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, claw toes, quintus varus, bunionnette, flat foot, plantar fasciitis, sesamoidopathies, talalgia, ledderhose disease, cramps, venous return insufficiency in the legs, post surgical pain in the lower limbs, sprain or fracture after-effects...

Appointments are strictly available for patients with NATO badge.

** In case of no-show, a compensation fee may be required **

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