Rettab Samia

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Rettab Samia

Dr Rettab Samia is a specialist in Anaesthesia-Resuscitation, but is interested in a more preventive medicine, in particular by improving nutrition.

She followed an inter-university training in "Clinical Nutrition" at ULG, UCL and ULB and a training in "Health Food and Micro Nutrition" in France at Dijon.


The aim of the consultation is to optimise nutrition after assessing eating habits, lifestyle and detecting possible deficiencies through blood and urine tests. An assessment of body composition using Impedancemetry will be carried out in case of overweight, to improve the follow-up of weight loss.

This will allow a personalised dietary management to optimise your health.

This will involve improving your diet and taking food supplements to prevent and/or treat diseases or lose weight.


** In case of no-show, a compensation fee may be required **