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Virginie Frogneux

Not Conventioned 

Dietitian- Nutritherapist

I graduated from the Institut Paul Lambin and CERDEN, and I provide guidance through the following subjects :

  • A balanced, healthy, tasty, colourful and creative diet

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • The Mediterranean diet

  • Insulin resistance and type II diabetes

  • Digestive health (reflux, bloating, food intolerance, coeliac disease, irritable bowel, SIBO/SIFO, constipation, diarrhoea, FODMAPs, candidiasis, etc.) 

  • Overweight and obesity

  • Fatigue and overwork

No "diet" here! We will work together to correct your "bad" eating habits
eating habits on the one hand, and to optimise what you're already doing very well
so far.

No 'restrictions', just 'modifications'
Not 'prohibitions' but 'adaptations'.
I won't take away your chocolate, your wine or your sweet or savoury dessert!

How does a consultation work?
Several approaches are possible and are discussed on a made-to-measure rather than ready-to-wear basis: individual, couple or family consultations.

  • Introduction to preparing simple, balanced dishes,

  • Introduction to reading packaging labels,

  • Introduction to creating a shopping list and a basket of healthy, well-considered foods

My mission: to use food and food supplements to improve and maintain your health without compromising your enjoyment of the table.

Appointments are strictly available for patients with NATO badge.

Samia Zeghlache.jpg

Dr. Samia Zeghlache 

Not Conventioned 

Dr. Zeghlache also carries out medical pedicures and general consultations. In case of emergency (no gynaecologist available), she can also treat general gynaecological conditions. Dr Zeghlache speaks French and English

Appointments are strictly available for patients with NATO badge.

** In case of no-show, a compensation fee may be required **

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