Dr. Sonia Lejeune 

Not Conventioned 

Dr. Lejeune is a gynecologist also specialised in Menopause and breast surgery (cancer and benign). She treats fertility and other hormonal problems which can be found to cause weight gain, monthly cycle changes and persistent infections.  Her approach involves nutritional and phytotherapy advice along with hormone treatment as necessary. 

As a member of the CHIREC cancer institute, she has been working for 20 years at CHIREC ( now based at Delta) where she is the only female breast surgeon. Her consultations within NATO aim to answer your questions and worries and improve your general health and well being by treating you holistically.

Dr. Nahima Ben Ayata

Not Conventioned 

Doctor Ben Ayata is deeply specialised in area of gynaecology, obstetrics, infertility and breast diseases to identify and treat women’s health problems.

She provides advise to patients about a wide range of topics such as family planning, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, annual gynaecological check-up.

She performs day-to-day medical examinations and provides direct patient care in the clinical setting including: assessment, screening, diagnosis and treatment of patients. She determines the degree of disabilities of the patients and also monitors patients' condition and progress in order to re-evaluate treatments as necessary.

Her extensive expertise includes diagnose and treatment of any kind of fertility problems.

Speaking fluently French, Dutch and English, she explains procedures, discuss test results and prescribed treatments with patients.

She used to carry out pre-operative, surgical and post-operative procedures; performing caesarean sections or other surgical procedures (e.g. colposcopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, ultrasonically guided vaginal oocyte retrieval) and taking part to robotic gynaecological surgeries.

She has shown her collaborative ability to participate to decision making with peers about severe patients cases and consulting with other physicians within a multi-disciplinary team.

After being graduated from Free University of Brussels (V.U.B.), she works for the last 20 years  in various medical institutions. She is a member of Belgian Society of Reproductive Medecine and Flemish Association for Obstetric and Gynaecology.

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